Thursday, April 30, 2009

S-L-O-W days

Sorry for deserting everyone yesterday. Sure, I could dream up some wild excuse for my absence...bears were chasing me,

a pack of swine came rummaging through kitchen, the daisys in my front yard came traipsing in and proceeded to choke the very life out of me, aliens, sea monsters, fell into a big gulp...

Speaking of big gulps, who the heck drinks those? Have you seen the size of them? OMG!!! I think it would literally take me a week to drink that! JEEZ! And people drink these in addition to meals?? Oh, sorry...promised to play nice :) Or not. Heck, it's my blog right?

No, I simply got caught up trying to decipher some scientific studies about brain energy pathways and fatigue. And ironically.... I GOT TIRED!!! LOL!!! I was so cross eyed by the end of the night that if I had even tried to write a word it would have seemed even more gibberish than usual! (like that's even possible!! LOL!!!)

But here I am, head down, hoping you'll accept my daily assignments even though they are a day late. I understand if you need to dock me points or lower my grade level ;)

Yesterday's workout

Squats…………………………………….BB + 70 x 12, 12, 12, 10, 10
DB Upright rows……………….…....27.5’s x 12, 10, 8
Goals posts………………………….….15’s x 8, 6, 6
BB chest press………………….……..BB + 60 x 10…8…6
Incline DB flys……………………….…20’s x 12…10…10
Incline close grip bench press….EZ + 25 x 18…15…14

Yesterday's foods

M1...BCAA's and greens +
M2...Vega in coconut water
M3...Protein oatmeal
M4...Green smoothie with spinach, wheat grass shooter, apple, banana, hemp seeds
M5...Salad w/ romaine, red peppers, red onions, clementines, tofu, and topped with a dressing made from OJ, lime Juice, agave, a smidge of Macadamia Nut oil, and hot sauce, and toasted sesame seeds. With a small piece of vegan corn bread on the side.

Today's workout

Ya, about that... made an executive decision. Mind kinda wanted to workout, well my mind is eager to uncover those abs! But my legs...well, they were a different story! They were crying and carrying on like a 2 year old! "I don't wanna"...STOMP, STOMP, STOMP. "I'm tired"...screeched in a tone that can only be described as absolutely torturous. "NO, Make Me!" Sit down, fold hand over chest, nod head in a very authoritative manner while staring at your unlaced shoes with a furrowed brow and pouted lips. Ya, my legs really did do all that! They were quite adamant. Wish you could have seen them! So I cleaned off my desk instead. Man, what a workout. PHEW, all that dusting, and stapling, sorting and piling! WOW! :P

Today's foods

Way too much fruit!

M1...banana and BCAA's and Green's +
M2...banana, clementine, grapes topped with hemp seeds
M3...grapes and pecans and almond butter
M5...Asian soup with tofu, udons, shiitakes, green onions

I'm seeing a bit of a problem here skipper! Ya see it? YUP, I'm seeing a grave lack of adherence to my carb cycling idea! Hhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....breathes loudly and shakes head. I took measurements and photos (still not posting :P) and I have done a really poor poor job of testing it out. pfft. Gonna have to give myself a serious talkin' to!


  1. Swine in your kitchen?? Haha. I'm looking at your diet and can't help but notice that there's not much fat in it. I'm sure you know much more than most about nutrition, and that you're not afraid of healthy fats, but it seems like you aren't getting much (maybe I just don't recognize some fat sources that you've listed). But anyway, back in college when I was all about building muscle, I had no success whatsoever until I started eating lots of fat! And then I put on almost 20 pounds, most of muscle. If muscle is your goal, make sure you get that healthy fat! And keep up the great posts!

  2. Matt! Hey thanks for the comment and You know what? You may be on to something there. The last 2 days have been rather hectic and yes, I did do more grabbing on the go than usual. But that should be no excuse! I was unprepared, plain and simple. And that is exactly why I decided to start this blog! As much as I love cooking, my biggest problem is that I get so engrossed in something that I absolutely forget to eat until I am WAY past the "oh, I'm hungry, I think I'll make a little somethin, somethin" stage. No, instead I'm usually shaken back to reality by a rather rude and demanding "FEED ME NOW" alarm. And I'm sure you can guess where that sudden sense of urgency leads to.

    I already figured my next best plan of action was to begin really paying attention to keeping my insulin levels low and steady (no, not diabetic or anything...just planning a blog on it later ;) ) and the addition of good fats will certainly help with that!

    Thanks again. It always helps to have a fresh set of eyes spot something!