Monday, April 27, 2009

Rant warning

I'm starting off this post with a warning, what you are about to read is a rant. It is nothing more than my own deeply seeded opinions. If you are in NO way interested, feel free to skip ahead to my eats and workout report, I will not be offended! Heck I won't even know if you did! :)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Start of Rant <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Sorry about this, but I just CANNOT play nice any longer!! Oooo, Two things I read this morning just really got my blood boiling….

First…WHY do people always say that “you lose muscle after age 30”? Is there some magical thermostat that goes “Bing” at the stroke midnight of your 30th birthday and suddenly your muscles magically melt away and the fat fairy comes and waves her magic wand and suddenly a beer belly appears?

Really folks! NO!! You get lazy! Careers spent chained to a desk in the cage of a cubicle all day followed up by fast food dinners and time spent staring at the TV or computer screen happened! We get tired… too tired to move, too tired to cook, too tired to play…the list goes on and on. We don’t lose muscle! We forget how to move! We forget that out bodies were created for fresh food and lots of movement. We’ve become not much more than caged zoo animals, only our troughs are surrounded by golden arches and our cages are the endless maze of cubicles lining the floors of most office buildings. LOSE MUSCLE?? Who wouldn’t under these circumstances! WHO WOULDN’T????

Second rant is totally related to the first. I don’t know if you are familiar with Susan Powter (of Stop the Insanity fame). Don’t care if you love her or hate her, personally I listen to her podcast every week during my Wednesday workouts. I bring her up because she and I have the same view of the world. People have given away their freedoms. They have forgotten how to think for themselves. Everyone is so doped up on sugar and refined garbage masquerading as foods that they’re brains are no longer working at optimal levels! Seriously! How many people do you know that get up, go to a job they dislike, mindlessly going through the motions (usually chained to that cage) just to get to the magical 5 pm hour. They then grab grub from their favorite trough (fast food) and head home to either zone out on the couch, drink or eat to desensitize from the drudgery they just endured all day, or sulk and complain through the laundry, dishes and housework. We look for quick fixes and greedly lap up any information the “establishment” feeds us. We look no further than the leading news bites or headlines. We except it as fact, because after all…so and so said so! Who the heck are these so called experts and what makes them experts? Are they in any way profiting for spouting off the beliefs they so readily cling to? Who is financially backing the latest and greatest experiment that is sure to save us all from all our maladies? Will stocks suffer, book sales decline, reputations be brought into question if their “backed studies” don’t support their preconceived hypothesis? Were these studies done in a fair, objective manner? Was all of the data included in the final analysis? Was the experiment done on enough people, for an appropriate length of time? Would more having time or a including a larger cross section of the population possibly altered the outcome?

Are people thinking for themselves?? Not many! As I said, too many are doped up on sugar and refined carbs. The very chemistry of their brains have been altered by this garbage masquerading as nutrition. And the lack of movement/oxygen has left everyone too tired to care. Everyone is nutrient and oxygen deprived! We are in desperate need of a wake up call! We, as a nation, are digging our graves with our forks! Our first line of defense should not be the nearest pharmacy or the latest pill, we shouldn't be filling our children with sugar filled chemically enriched, glow in the dark, can sit on a shelf for forty years food. It’s time to rise up and start a revolution! GEEZ!!! ARGGHHHH! HELP!! PHEW…OK rant over!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> end of Rant <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Today’s eats…

M1…BCAA’s and greens + pre workout
M2…Vega in coconut water PWO
M3…1 bunch grapes (46 grapes) and 1 sm handful pecans (9)
M4…1/2 c edamame
M5…Veganized this Rachel Ray recipe for spring stroganoff ( and served it over some Trader Joes’ Chickenless strips instead of pasta to cut down on carbs and bump up protein.

Today’s workout…


Circuit 1

DL…………………B+80 x 15…12…10
BB rows………...B+80 x 10…12…10

Circuit 2

1 arm wide elbow DB row…………………….………35 x 12…12…12
Strict EZ bar bi row
.. (back against wall so NO body swing)…….EZ + 25 x 10…8…8
DB Overhead walking lunges………..…..2 (20) x 12 steps…12..12

Circuit 3

Prone incline bi row……..2(15) x 15…15…12
Jumping lunges…………...15 ea side…13…11…DIED! PHEW!! :D


  1. Well that was a sweet rant...Been following you on twitter. I remember something that Powter used to say or maybe she still does.. MOVE.. As I go through my 40's I realize I should of done more MOVING in my 30's. Here's one for ya.. You cannot out exercise a bad diet. Peace.

  2. Hey Ral! Ya, did you see Craig Ballentyne's YouTubes on that? If not, let me know and I'll find the url. Great visual reminder LOL!!

  3. PS Ral...@ me so I can make sure I'm following you back too!