Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I promise to play nice today :)

Hey everyone! Hope you're still hanging with me and my rant of yesterday didn't send you racing for cover! ;)

Today was a fairly quiet today filled with errands and cleaning :(

I was originally planning on hitting some plyos or cardio today, but my hamstrings were sore. POOH. So, on the recommendation on a friend, I got this instead...

Cool huh? Alright, you probably already have one so :P PPLLLTTTHHHH! (translation = RASPBERRIES!) :D

OK, so now I gots my brand new toy, but what do I do? I know! Hit kids over the head with it! No, No, Umm...yes, spank BAD hubby's with it! No? Wow, thought I had it that time. I know! I'll google it!

Unfortunately I am VERY technologically inept and try as I may to figure out how to insert a video (you Tube) it is just too stubborn. Double :P But here are 2 excellent videos I found here and here

I have not tried it yet but plan on it before the evening is out!

Today's foods

M1...banana, clementines, blackberries sprinkled with hemp seeds
M2...Big bowl of Lentil soup
M3...Goji berries, pistachios and cacao nibs
M4...Left overs from last night

So, is there any questions you have for me? Any ideas? Any rants of your own? Any Snuffalupaguses peering over your right shoulder breathing into you ear with a long drawn out raspy chesty breath? Oh, sorry. That's me! Yes, I have a very weird and sometimes slightly uncensored imagination that often runs a muck... Speaking of muck and weird things, why do they say something "runs a muck"? Have you ever seen muck? ...

............It surely doesn't "run" and one cannot run too fast in it....? Things to ponder! BaDumDumDum..................

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  1. Good luck with the foam rolling. You are going to love it! It definitely helps the muscles recover faster.